Ellen Hunter is a specialist personal injury lawyer based at Thompsons Solicitors’ Newcastle-Upon-Tyne office but taking cases from across England and Wales.

Ellen is a key member of both the personal injury and accident at work team at Thompsons, normally taking “fast track” cases worth between £10,000 and £25,000. With 18 years’ experience in personal injury law, Ellen also takes more complex claims worth considerably more.

Ellen’s caseload involves accidents at work, road accidents, civil and sexual assault claims, public liability cases and cases involving maritime work-related accidents and accidents involving passengers on board ship.

She claims compensation on behalf of clients suffering multiple orthopaedic injuries, severe burns, scarring and amputations.

Ellen values Thompsons’ insistence on a high level of service to clients, which ensures that all the firm’s lawyers go “above and beyond” to ensure that trade union members get the highest possible compensation in the shortest possible time. Ellen likes to get to know each client “as a person not just a number”.

In her spare time Ellen enjoys horse riding, gardening, photography and car shows.


Accident at work: An able bodied seaman was on a ship moving work equipment which was faulty and as a result he sustained injury to his left shoulder.  Ellen secured a settlement of £19,000.

Accident at work: A claimant slipped on ice as he was working at his employer’s premises. As a result he suffered cracked ribs, a minor wedge compression fracture to the spine and an exacerbation of a pre-existing condition in his right shoulder.  The employer failed to take all reasonable steps in the poor weather conditions neglecting to spread grit. Ellen secured a settlement of £24,000.

Another claimant was legally “a minor” at the time she was involved in an accident when out rowing on the River Tees.  As a result, she sustained an injury to her lower back.  The defendants initially offered £5,000 by way of settlement which was firmly rejected.  Ellen fought the case and secured a settlement of £50,000.


David Moody of Unison thanked Ellen for a “profession service”

Patricia Ferguson of Unison told Ellen: “thanks for all your help and support”