Founded in 2001, Cerebra aims to improve the lives of children with neurological conditions around the UK.

Cerebra is committed to investing in research and providing support services and information to families affected by brain and birth injuries.

Support from Cerebra

Its services combine a mix of:

  • Forums for family support (grouped into regions).
  • Free telephone counselling.
  • A lending library of books and equipment.
  • Grants to cover the expense of specialist support and equipment for families.
  • Regional officers to help with administration, meetings and the process surrounding applications for Disability Living Allowance and other benefits.

A full list of their services can be found on their website.

Making a claim for compensation following a birth injury or a traumatic brain injury can offer families a much-needed source of financial support to ensure they receive the support and services they need.

It is a common misconception that union legal services are only available to the individual member. This is not the case; many union schemes include special terms for medical negligence which means that if a family member of a UK trade union member is injured during a medical accident or as the result of clinical negligence, the union legal service can protect them too.

Our specialist clinical negligence lawyers help union members and their families secure high levels of medical negligence compensation each and every year, securing funding for support, equipment and services to help support their loved.

Thompsons Solicitors’ empathetic team will make sure that any compensation claim takes into account the long term needs of the injured person or child, and sets in place a programme of funds to cover appropriate rehabilitation and support throughout their life.

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