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Accidents at Work

If you have been injured in an accident at work, we can help you claim compensation free of charge as part of your trade union membership.

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What is an Accident at Work?

Thompsons Solicitors has been a proud partner of UK trade unions since our foundation almost a century ago. Our commitment to the trade union movement is written into our partnership deed and, as a matter of principle, Thompsons Solicitors only acts for the injured and mistreated - never for insurers or employers.

Thompsons Solicitors has pursued many of the test cases that have established and refined the law and the field of health and safety at work, both before and after the Health and Safety Act 1974, which the firm was instrumental in helping to establish.

Throughout our time working with trade unions and representing their members who have been injured in workplace accidents, Thompsons Solicitors has developed a keen understanding of the important role of proper health and safety procedures in the workplace.

We see first-hand the devastating impact on workers (and their families too) when health and safety slips down the agenda and people get injured. We are determined not just to secure accident at work compensation for those who are hurt, but we campaign to drive up standards to protect all workers from unnecessary hazards and risks.

Our dedicated and specialist trade union solicitors represent tens of thousands of people injured in workplace accidents each year, ranging from minor lacerations through to brain and spinal cord injuries, serious burns and even fatalities. If we act for you, you can trust us to help get you the best compensation package available.

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Are you, or is a member of your family, a current or retired member of a trade union?

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Robert Warren pictured in a red jumper outside his house, smiling
Robert Warren, our accident at work client

Health and safety breaches, however minor they may seem, are everybody’s business. Speak to your union to report hazards in your workplace as soon as you become aware of them. If the worst should happen, and you’re injured at work, contact your union legal service first for free, independent advice and 100 per cent compensation if your accident at work claim is successful (something you won’t get from non-union lawyers).

Frequently asked questions about accidents at work claims

1. What is a workplace accident?

Accidents at work are usually one-off incidents that are not deliberate. Among the possible causes are unsafe working conditions, faulty equipment, or the manner in which work has been carried out for example, someone who injures themselves at work while carrying a heavy load without proper training or equipment.

2. Can I make a personal injury claim through my union for an accident at work?

Yes. If you have been injured while carrying out work duties then you may be entitled to accident at work compensation from your employer, as they have an obligation to ensure your health and wellbeing is safeguarded while you are in the workplace. For more information on how you can begin an accident at work claim, free of charge, contact Thompsons Solicitors’ personal injury solicitors today.

3. What are the most common types of accidents at work?

With hundreds of thousands of people injured in workplaces across the UK each year, the types of workplace accidents that occur vary considerably. Among the most common workplace accident cases handled by Thompsons Solicitors’ personal injury lawyers are those for strain and manual handling injuries; slips, trips and falls; crush injuries; needlestick injuries and workplace assaults.

4. As a trade union member, will it cost me anything to make an accident at work claim? 

It won’t cost you a penny. As a trade union member, you are entitled to free legal support from Thompsons Solicitors and you will keep 100 per cent of the compensation awarded. We do not believe anyone should be left in economic hardship by an attempt to recover compensation for a work-related injury.

For more information, visit our Fees and Payment page, or contact our friendly legal team.

5. I agreed to do something at work that resulted in me getting injured. Does that mean I can’t claim accident at work compensation?

Not necessarily. But if, on review of the details of your case, you are found to have played a part in your own injury, then the amount of compensation you receive may be reduced to reflect that. This is called ‘contributory negligence’. For more information or advice, speak to our friendly and experienced accident at work solicitors for more information.

6. How much compensation will I get for a work accident claim? 

There is no set answer to this frequently asked question, as each case is unique and compensation is calculated according to a number of factors. These can include: the severity of your injury; how your workplace injury has affected your life; and the economic impact it has had on you and your family.

When our accident at work lawyers have reviewed the details of your case and obtained medical evidence, they will be able to provide you with an informed estimate of what you could be entitled to. To begin your work accident claim today, call 0800 0 224 224 or fill in our free online claim form and one of our experts will be in touch with you within 24 hours.

7. Is a medical examination needed for a workplace accident compensation claim?

Yes. A medical examination is an important piece of evidence in any accident at work claim. If you have not sought medical advice already, then our friendly and experienced personal injury solicitors will arrange for you to see an independent medical practitioner at a time and place that is convenient for you. They will seek to make the whole process as stress-free as possible. Our solicitors will then use the medical report to ensure you receive the maximum amount of accident at work compensation in relation to your injuries.

8. If I make an accident at work compensation claim, could I lose my job?

No. If you are injured at work then you are legally entitled to seek financial compensation for that injury, and its impact on you and your family. If you feel your job is at threat then you should contact your union representative immediately, as you could have a case for unfair dismissal.

Thompsons Solicitors is a professional firm of accident at work lawyers. Our team understands how to go about making these types of claims in a constructive fashion which protects the interests of our clients and limits the possibility of an employer having grounds to dismiss the injured worker. Securing compensation at the expense of our clients’ jobs would not be something we allowed to happen and we are committed to supporting claimants in an effective manner to avoid that outcome.

9. Why should I choose Thompsons Solicitors to help me make an accident at work claim?

We are the UK’s most experienced trade union law firm and have fought for the rights of injured trade union members for more than 90 years. We are dedicated to the trade union movement and will ensure that in every single case, whether for an accident at work, a serious injury, an asbestos disease or medical negligence, our clients get the maximum amount of compensation in the shortest possible time. We are proud to only ever work for injured people. We will never represent insurers or employers, and this is written in Our Pledge to you.

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