Thompsons was founded with a vision to be the leading legal advisers to the trade union and Labour movement and to stand up for the injured or mistreated. We refused then, as we do now, to act for insurance companies or employers, giving us a unique perspective and commitment to claimants.

Since our foundation in 1921, we have taken a central role in fighting alongside trade unions to protect and improve workplace safety standards and employment rights.

For 100 years, we have used our specialist expertise to protect the rights and interests of millions of trade union members across the UK, campaign for justice and equality and also use our affiliations with the global trade union movement to show international solidarity in defence of civil liberties and human rights across the world.

Legal support for trade union members

Thompsons is very proud to deliver bespoke packages of specialist legal services to millions of UK trade union members, to support them with free, independent advice and representation on issues which matter most to working people. 

Thompsons is the stand-out firm for trade union representation. Their work in the fields of employment and personal injury continues to provide a unique customer-focused service for injured claimants.

The Legal 500

Trade union campaigns

union members protesting against blacklisting

Blacklisting Victory Campaign

Thompsons Solicitors is proud to have supported Unite the Union in securing over £10 million in compensation for families who have suffered the consequences of illegal blacklisting.

policemen and disgruntled civillians

The Miners' Strike 1984/85

1984 saw a year-long strike by the National Union of Mineworkers, following the closure of 20 coal pits and the loss of 20,000 mining jobs by a newly elected conservative government.

South African Miner

South African Miners

South African miners and their families won a landmark £45 million settlement in 2003 from companies that had ruthlessly exploited their labour throughout the apartheid years.