What is an Industrial Disease?

Thompsons has an unparalleled reputation in the field of industrial disease claims. We were responsible for running the test cases for many fields, including asbestos disease, industrial deafness, Vibration White Finger (VWF), welder’s lung and occupational cancer, many of which helped establish the law today. Thompsons has pursed more successful cases than any other law firm.

Every year we help thousands of union members affected by industrial disease to secure maximum compensation from the employers responsible.

Our experienced teams of industrial disease specialists are based across the UK and are unique in their commitment. We have only ever acted for the injured or mistreated union member, never for insurance companies and never for employers.

If you have been affected by industrial disease and would like to discuss making a compensation claim, you should contact your union legal service for advice.

“The support I received from Thompsons Solicitors and the dedication with which they pursued my employer for compensation was great.” David, trade union member