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Misdiagnosis Claims

Medical misdiagnosis is where a doctor fails to diagnose an injury, illness or condition, leaving you without the proper treatment. It also covers cases where you were given the wrong type of treatment because an incorrect diagnosis was made. 

Medical misdiagnosis claims are complex so it’s important to instruct an expert solicitor to manage your claim. 

Our medical negligence solicitors are experts in assessing whether the care you were given, or the lack of care, led to you being injured or developing further health-related complications. 

Thompsons’ experience in winning medical misdiagnosis compensation claims spans a wide range of conditions including bowel, skin, breast and colon cancer misdiagnoses through to undiagnosed fractures or delayed diagnosis for tendon injury.

“We’re grateful to my union and Thompsons for helping us to shine a light on what happened and identifying where mistakes were made by the Trust. We hope they will learn serious lessons.”

Alexander, trade union member