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Accident Abroad Claims

We can help trade union members claim for accidents abroad as part of their union membership benefits.

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Accident Abroad Claims

Why trade union members should choose Thompsons Solicitors to make an Accident Abroad claim for compensation

Suffering a personal injury can be stressful in any environment, particularly if you’re not in your own country when it happens. When British holidaymakers travel abroad, the majority will hope to have a fun and enjoyable experience, but sadly things don’t always go to plan. 

"Without the legal weight and expertise from Thompsons and my union, I’m certain I wouldn’t have been properly compensated for what happened to me."

Paul trade union member

When accidents abroad happen, the idea of making a claim won’t be the first thing on people’s minds and trade union members may be daunted at pursuing what is a potentially complex claim, but trade union members can take advantage of their union’s scheme.

If you are a trade union member and you have suffered a personal injury while abroad or on holiday, Thompsons Solicitors’ personal injury lawyers can advise you if you have an accident abroad claim that can be pursued in the UK courts.

Thompsons Solicitors can begin an accident abroad claim on behalf of union members if the trip was booked by a UK travel agent and the agent, or their representatives (such as hotel staff), were at fault. If a trade union member’s accident or injury occurred in an area unmanaged by the travel agent – such as in a town centre – an accident abroad compensation claim can still be made, but it may be more complex. Regardless of where the accident occurred, Thompsons Solicitors’ holiday accident lawyers will be able to provide expert advice on whether you can make a claim.

Our personal injury lawyers will always assess the likelihood of a successful case before proceeding with your accident abroad claim, but there are a number of things trade union members can do to strengthen the claim. These include: reporting the incident to your tour operator as soon as possible; logging the injury or accident in an accident book; gathering witness statements and taking pictures of the place where the holiday accident occurred.

Before venturing abroad, Thompsons Solicitors’ personal injury lawyers encourage trade union members to plan ahead in advance, choosing a reputable tour or travel operator and applying for a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), which can provide you with state-funded healthcare if you’re injured in a European Economic Area country.

Trade union members who turn to Thompsons Solicitors in their time of need are guaranteed to receive 100 per cent of the compensation and receive free legal support from our accident abroad specialists – an offer no high street or claims company can match. 

Start your accident abroad claim or holiday accident claim today by completing our online claims form or by calling our specialists on 0800 0 224 224.


Praise from the Legal 500

"The team are out and out personal injury lawyers with vastly experienced file supervisors. Their trade union background comes with a reputation of fighting their clients’ corner. Thompsons has significant expertise in claims with an overseas element."