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The National Education Union (NEU) has an in-house legal service providing legal support to working and retired members for all work-related matters. If you have a work-related legal matter, please contact the NEU directly for advice.

However, Thompsons is proud to work with the NEU to deliver its Legal Plus scheme. The Legal Plus scheme is designed to provide free legal support to members, both currently in work and retired, with non-work related legal matters.

We guarantee NEU members will keep 100% of any compensation with no deduction in legal fees – something no non-union solicitor can offer.


Without the legal weight and expertise from Thompsons and the NEU, I’m certain I wouldn’t have been properly compensated for what happened to me.

Paul Brown NEU member


Your comprehensive legal package covers:


Your family is also covered for:

  • Non-work related personal injuries
  • Special terms for clinical negligence
  • Special terms for conveyancing, probate and power of attorney.

If you're looking for some initial advice, call the Legal Plus service on 0800 169 6660 to discuss your situation with one of our dedicated trade union lawyers.

Alternatively, please submit the form on this page. 

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Are you, or is a member of your family, a current or retired member of a trade union?

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