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Large-scale Settlement Agreements

Our trade union settlement agreement solicitors manages more than 100 large-scale agreements every single year, offering expedited specialist legal advice at a competitive cost.

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Large-scale settlement agreements

As well as helping employees on a one-to-one basis, our dedicated settlement agreement unit (SAU) has extensive experience managing large-scale agreements for unionised employees. In a typical year, we will be instructed in more than 100 mass settlement agreement exercises.

Our SAU has both the skills and the in-house processes to act as independent legal advisors to thousands of union members facing redundancy at the same workplace. Out SAU solicitors have acted for workers from a range of industries and employers, such as Royal Mail, Airbus, EDF, GKN Aerospace and Ford, as well as NHS Trusts and universities.

Our established procedures for processing large-scale settlement agreements mean that we are able to offer expedited specialist legal advice at a competitive cost, on a local or national basis.

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For employers that have found themselves having to make workforce reductions who want to make sure that their union members’ settlement agreements are dealt with efficiently and effectively, our empathetic lawyers are available to help.

Our large-scale settlement agreement service includes:

  • One-to-one advice sessions with each member, in-person or virtually, or alternatively we can conduct small group sessions
  • Negotiations with the employer on an individual member basis
  • A final certified agreement for each individual member.


Our case management system:

  • Provides a centralised database of members
  • Acts as a hub for all communication and documentation between the member and the advising solicitor
  • Allows for e-signatures
  • Ensures all members are put in contact with their solicitor from the very start of the process
  • Provides daily reports of completed and outstanding agreements
  • Incorporates a built-in reminder process that can be tailored to ensure all agreements are completed within agreed timeframes.


Read our case studies

With just two weeks’ notice, the SAU was instructed to advise and carry out settlement agreement negotiations for 2,500 Unite members in August 2020.

Due to Covid restrictions, the SAU operated a remote advice process, enabling the team to advise and conclude all the settlement agreements within the two-week period, and in accordance with the strict deadlines set by the employer.

Ahead of its closure in July 2021, the SAU supported more than 1,200 workers at a car manufacturer’s plant in Swindon.

The mass consultation took place over a four-week period via phone or videoconference, depending on the individual employee’s preference.

The SAU has acted for this company on a number of occasions.

In June 2020, our team assisted more than 280 employees at its Brighton site over a four-week period, which included onsite visits.

In February 2021, we then advised more than 100 employees from the company’s Cardiff office, working virtually due to Covid restrictions. All agreements were concluded over a five-day period.   

In September 2022, the printer announced the closure of a site in Hampshire, which saw over 300 employees lose their, two thirds of which were Unite members.

The company engaged staff in a 45-day consultation period following the announcement of its site closure.

Our SAU advised all 300 workers their draft settlement agreements, providing bespoke guidance to those affected until the closure of the plant.

In August 2020, our settlement agreement experts supported 714 employees using a streamline remote service to advise and successfully process the agreements over a three-week period.

Our SAU processed the agreements of 30 workers facing redundancy at a university. The team ensured all agreements were completed within a strict two-week period.