What is a Road Traffic Accident?

According to figures released by the Department for Transport in the year ending March 2016, over 24,000 people were seriously injured or killed in collisions on the roads.

Every year, we support thousands of trade union members and their families who are hurt on the roads, whether as drivers, passengers or pedestrians, to secure compensation for their injuries.

We refuse to act for insurance companies and use the full weight of our experience and expertise to support injured road users.

Our road traffic accident experts use specialist knowledge and decades of experience to help union members injured during the course of their duties as bus or coach drivers, taxi drivers and HGV or lorry drivers, to claim personal injury compensation.


"Even though my accident wasn’t work-related, I was still able to claim for compensation, which is very reassuring and proved a big help to me and my family.”

Nick, trade union member

It’s a common misconception that trade union legal services only cover you for accidents or injuries that occur on work time.

However, your dedicated union legal service also provides you and your family with road traffic accident compensation advice if you’re injured outside working hours as the driver or passenger in a car, a motorbike rider, a cyclist or a pedestrian.

Whether your road accident occurred in or out of working hours, if it took place in the last three years and was not your fault, we will advise you on whether you have a valid claim.