Your privacy is important to us

We’d like you to know how we collect and use information and what we do to safeguard any information you give us. If, after reading our Privacy Policy, you have any questions, just send an email to Risk& and we’ll get right back to you.

Why we collect information about you

  • To help us provide the best, most efficient service to you. 
  • To detect and combat fraud. 
  • To identify you (by asking security questions such as your date of birth) before disclosing confidential information.

Where we get the information from

When you use our service we will ask you to tell us, for example, your contact details and date of birth. There are also public sources of information that we may use such as Directory Enquires.

What sort of information we collect

When we are dealing with your case you may reveal some information that could be considered to be ‘sensitive’ as defined by the Data Protection Act 1998: information about your ethnic background or state of health, for example. You can be confident that we will only use this type of information for the specific purpose you provided it.

Who we share the information with

We will never sell your details to third parties for marketing purposes. We will of course need to pass your details to other people – such as our experts, who need these to work on your case and your trade union, if applicable. We may also disclose information to authorities such as the Police and the Inland Revenue, but only where required or permitted by law or necessary in your case to do so.

Respecting your preferences

We will respect your preferences by not sending you any material through particular channels if you have registered your details with the Mailing, Telephone, Fax or Email Preference.