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Hospital Complaints

The first thing to do if you’ve been injured as a result of medical negligence is to make a formal complaint to the healthcare provider who treated you. This should be done in writing and if you’d like guidance, get in touch with your union legal scheme and we can help you to draft the letter of complaint.

NHS hospital complaints

The NHS has established processes for dealing with complaints and should investigate your concerns with the staff who were involved in your treatment or care. The same should apply with private healthcare groups, however, whilst they are less equipped than the NHS to deal with complaints, this shouldn’t stop you from writing to them.

After this initial investigation takes place, the provider should contact you with an explanation of what they say happened. We will consider their responses when we advise you on whether you have a medical negligence compensation claim to pursue.

“We’re grateful to my union and Thompsons for helping us to shine a light on what happened and identifying where mistakes were made by the Trust. We hope they will learn serious lessons.” Alexander, trade union member