All solicitors have a legal obligation to ensure their client’s personal injury claim is handled to a required standard. However, when a solicitor’s quality of service falls below that standard, a professional negligence claim may be brought against the professional.

As a trade union member, if you feel you have been let down by your personal injury solicitor, Solicitor Negligence Claims can help with the following types of claim:

  • Turned down claims
  • Under-settled claims
  • Failed claims
  • Improper handling of claims
  • Unexpected deductions from claims

Thompsons’ professional negligence service is provided by Solicitor Negligence Claims as part of BBH Legal, a subsidiary law firm owned entirely by Thompsons Solicitors, and is run by a lawyer with 20 years’ experience in high-value personal injury law.

We are proud to offer our professional negligence services to trade union members and their families. For more information or to start a professional negligence claim, visit the Solicitor Negligence Claims website.