Scaphoid Fracture Claims

Despite being a common form of injury, fractures and broken bones are on occasion missed during medical examinations, leading to painful and sometimes long-term consequences for the injured person if they are discharged home without treatment.

A fracture being missed either on x-ray or during medical examination does not automatically mean a claim for compensation will succeed. However a claim for missed scaphoid fracture – a small bone in the wrist – can sometimes be possible because of the long-term consequences of failing to promptly identify and treat the injury. These include reduced grip, osteoarthritis and avascular necrosis (a precursor to arthritis).

If you’ve sought medical advice after an injury and think that a scaphoid fracture has been misdiagnosed or missed, contact your union legal service for advice on whether you can make a claim for compensation.

“We’re grateful to my union and Thompsons for helping us to shine a light on what happened and identifying where mistakes were made by the Trust. We hope they will learn serious lessons.” Alexander, trade union member