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Pedestrian Accident Claims

If you have been involved in a pedestrian accident, we can help you make a claim for compensation.

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Pedestrian Accident Claims

How trade union members and their families can make a Pedestrian Accident claim with Thompsons Solicitors

Pedestrians are some of the most vulnerable road users and, as a result, are at a greater risk of suffering a serious injury if they are involved in a road traffic accident. It is perhaps not that surprising that thousands of pedestrians are killed or seriously injured on UK roads each year.

Thompsons Solicitors has vast experience of supporting trade union members and their families who have been involved in pedestrian accidents to make a claim for personal injury compensation. Our road accident specialists have represented tens of thousands of union members who have suffered catastrophic or even fatal injuries after a road collision, such as a teacher who was left with a chronic pain condition and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) after she was run over by a car at a petrol station. Click to read more stories about how Thompsons Solicitors has supported trade union clients in road and pedestrian accident claims.

"Even though my accident wasn’t work-related, I was still able to claim for compensation, which is very reassuring and proved a big help to me and my family.”

Nick trade union member

Thompsons Solicitors’ is proud to only ever act for injured people. We have never, and will never, act for insurance firms. Our personal injury experts work swiftly and diligently to ensure the best outcome for all trade union clients. In the most serious cases, this can include securing interim payments, so that clients can access the funds needed for important rehabilitation, medical treatment, housing adaptations and support services while their case is ongoing.

As a trade union member, you and your family have up to three years from the date of the injury occurring to make a pedestrian accident claim, but our recommendation is to always get legal advice as soon as possible, as memories fade as time passes, with free advice and legal representation from Thompsons Solicitors. In all personal injury claims with Thompsons Solicitors, trade union members will always receive 100 per cent of the compensation secured, unlike many non-union law firms who take substantial amounts of the final sum as a ‘success fee’. Visit our Trade Union page for more information about the legal services you can benefit from through your membership.

If you would like to make a pedestrian accident claim for yourself or on behalf of a family member, our personal injury lawyers are ready to discuss your claim in more detail. All you need to do is fill out our online Start a Claim form, or call our legal experts on 0800 0 224 224.