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Occupational Cancer Claims

We help current and retired trade union members make occupational cancer claims free of charge.

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Occupational Cancer Claims

Thompsons understands how devastating a cancer diagnosis can be, both for individuals and their families.

We have an unparalleled record of helping trade union members who have developed the asbestos-related cancer mesothelioma and stomach, bladder and lung cancer due to their working conditions, to seek the maximum compensation.

We recognise the additional anguish and injustice felt by people diagnosed with occupational cancers caused by their employer’s negligence.

Why you should trust Thompsons Solicitors with your occupational cancer claim

Unlike most law firms, we have always refused to act for the employers liable for exposing innocent workers to dangerous, cancer-causing substances, or to act for an employer’s insurance company.

Occupational cancer claims are often complex and it’s important to work with specialists. Our industrial disease team is made up of highly skilled lawyers with a proven track record of securing high levels of financial compensation.

The onset of occupational cancer symptoms can take years to develop. If you’ve been diagnosed with an occupational cancer in the last three years – even if the exposure happened decades ago – your union legal service can help.

David stood in garden
“The support I received from Thompsons Solicitors and the dedication with which they pursued my employer for compensation was great.” David, trade union member

Compensation claims can help ease the financial burden to you and your loved ones and also ensure that negligent employers are held accountable for the role they play in harming their workers.