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Manual Handling Injury Claims

We can help you claim compensation for manual handling injuries free of charge as part of your trade union membership.

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Manual Handling Injury Claims

Thompsons has significant knowledge of UK health and safety law, combined with decades of success in running the test cases that established much of the law today.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) states that over a third of the accidents reported to them involving someone who later needed three days or more off work, also involved an element of manual handling.

This type of injury commonly effects union members involved in lifting and carrying heavy items or pushing, pulling and lowering large or cumbersome loads. In addition to the general weight or size of the object being moved, lack of proper training is often a common cause of injury.

Employers are required by law to make sure workers who are asked to move objects have had proper safety training and are provided with adequate equipment to do so without the risk of injury.

Despite these laws being in place, accidents can and do occur. If you have suffered a manual handling injury – whether to your head, upper limbs, feet, back or neck – at work, your dedicated union accident at work solicitors can provide advice on a claim for compensation at no cost to you.

“I had no idea who to turn to, but then my union rep helped tremendously. He introduced me to Thompsons so I could take advantage of the free legal help scheme.”

Craig trade union member