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Needlestick Injury Claims

We can help you claim compensation for needlestick injuries free of charge as part of your trade union membership.

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Needlestick Injury Claims

Our accident at work specialists have helped thousands of people through a needlestick injury compensation claim.

Thompsons’ specialist solicitors work with major UK trade unions to represent members whose skin has been punctured by a hypodermic needle or other sharp medical device to recover personal injury compensation.

The majority of needlestick injuries happen when sharps or needles are improperly disposed of or carelessly discarded instead of being put in sealed biohazard bins.

Our dedicated solicitors have significant experience of supporting healthcare workers, cleaners, waste disposal staff, police officers, prison workers and other at-risk union members to claim compensation after being exposed to harm following a needlestick injury.

We understand that the impact of a sharps injury is not limited to the physical pain, tenderness or swelling associated with the immediate puncture and that the risk of contracting a blood-borne virus or infection presents a very real source of distress for the injured person.

Where members are diagnosed with a blood-borne virus or an infection post-injury, we will also help to signpost them to sources of further support, advice and treatment.

“I had no idea who to turn to, but then my union rep helped tremendously. He introduced me to Thompsons so I could take advantage of the free legal help scheme.”

Craig trade union member