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Crush injury client

Senga's story

A 58-year-old forklift driver from Gosport secured a six-figure settlement – after she suffered a life-changing crush injury at work.

Senga Lock was working in the warehouse when one of her colleagues reversed a two-tonne truck into her. Mrs Lock became trapped between the truck and one of its wheels and was dragged around the warehouse until the vehicle was stopped.

At the time of the accident, the company’s warehouse facility was being upgraded and the contents of two warehouses had been squeezed into one. Mrs Lock believes that the extra stock and overcrowding in the warehouse made it more difficult for the driver, who caused her injuries, to have seen her in time.

Senga suffered multiple significant injuries to her right foot and ankle and also developed psychological issues. Mrs Lock was unable to return to work for 21 months.

“I used to love getting out and about, going on walking holidays with my husband or for a daytrip on our motorbikes,” she said.

“We also loved to go out dancing but all that’s behind us now. I can’t go anywhere without my crutches as my ankle just can’t bear the weight.”

Despite having made significant progress through physiotherapy, Mrs Lock is no longer able to perform everyday tasks unaided, such as hoovering or showering.

She turned to Unite Legal Services and social justice law firm, Thompsons Solicitors, to make a compensation claim.

Senga Lock and her husband
Our client, Senga Lock, and her husband

Kam Singh, of Thompsons Solicitors, said: “I am so pleased we were able achieve a successful outcome for Mrs Lock.

“Her life has been significantly impacted by her injuries both in terms of the physical restrictions placed upon her and deep psychological trauma.

“The compensation will help pay for her house to be adapted to allow her to live as normally as possible, including the installation of a lift between the lounge and bedroom. It will also allow her to have her car adapted so that she can drive using only her left foot, get her a mobility scooter, and compensate her for any future loss of earnings she might face.”

Mrs Lock’s employers, who admitted liability for the accident at the outset, have helped her in a phased return to work.

“I’m fortunate that my employer admitted fault and did what they could to help me during my recovery, supporting me first in an office role and later back into the warehouse, with a specially adapted forklift.

“Nonetheless, I know that many employers are not so forgiving and that’s why being a union member is so vital. I’ve been with Unite the union for over 30 years and they’ve stuck by me all the way. Since the accident, I’ve even persuaded some of my workmates to join.

“It was the union that put me in touch with Kam at Thompsons, who’s been absolutely fantastic. He always kept me informed in a way I could understand, and was compassionate and supportive.

“I’ll always be affected by my injuries but thanks to the backing I got from the union and Thompsons, I’ll be able to get on with life much better than I thought was ever possible when the accident happened.”