Amber is a committed paralegal working in our serious injuries team in the Leeds office. She supports clients throughout Yorkshire and Humberside, specialising in complex and high-value claims related to serious and life-changing injuries. These include traumatic brain injuries, multiple fractures, and amputations, primarily from road traffic accidents or workplace incidents.

Working closely with lawyers from the inception to the settlement of cases, Amber has facilitated multiple seven-figure amputation claim settlements. Her unwavering dedication to the role exemplifies Thompsons’ commitment to the pursuit of justice.

Amber's approach is deeply client-focused, driven by the ambition to improve lives. By assisting the team in maximising compensation, she helps people live more comfortably and gain access to the assistance they need.

Her fulfilment comes from witnessing clients' progress throughout a case, from the early stages to settlement, bolstered by the rehabilitation plans she and the serious injuries team organise.