Kirsty Lambourne is an exceptional personal injury lawyer, based in Thompsons Solicitors Cardiff office, specialising in Asbestos cases for trade union clients across Wales and the South West.

In the 14 years that Kirsty has been practising law with Thompsons, she has built up a reputation for vigorously pursuing employers who have been negligent and exposed their workers to asbestos in the workplace. Kirsty has experience in handling the most complex and high-value claims, including to the Supreme Court, and is unceasing in her efforts to get the best possible deal for her trade union clients.

Trade union clients and their families have found Kirsty to be thorough, empathetic and efficient. Kirsty went into this area of law after a close family member suffered a brain injury from a road traffic accident.

Having experienced first-hand the difficulties families face when faced with traumatic or life-changing injuries, Kirsty can help her clients through the ordeal. Kirsty is motivated by the knowledge that securing decent compensation gives clients financial security for the future and improves their quality of life.

Over the past six years, Kirsty has brought all her skills and experience to specialising in cases related to asbestos, as part of Thompsons’ specialist asbestos team.

Kirsty is enthusiastic about her work at Thompsons because it allows her to fight for justice for trade union members. Kirsty is proud of the firm’s national reputation for advocating for the vulnerable.

In her spare time, Kirsty enjoys spending time with her young family, although she hopes to be able to resume playing her favourite game of netball.


Kirsty’s case experience

  • Secured £100,000 compensation for a woman who worked in the television industry when she sustained a back injury during a weekend away with her friends.
  • Assisted in an important case where Thompsons successfully argued at the Supreme Court that the Ministry of Justice was vicariously liable for injury caused to a prison officer by a prisoner working in the prison kitchen (Cox v Ministry of Justice).


Professional membership

Kirsty is a member of the Law Society.