Personal injury and industrial disease specialist Tim is based in the Manchester office and handles cases throughout Wales and the North West of England.

A determined, diligent and empathetic litigator, Tim has more than a decade’s worth of experience as a solicitor dealing with every type of personal injury and industrial disease claim, specialising in high-value multi-track (over £25,000) accident at work cases. 

As part of the personal injury and accident at work teams, Tim leads public and employer liability claims for accidents and industrial diseases, as well as claims for road traffic accidents, civil assaults that have been referred to the Criminal Injury Compensation Authority and accidents involving animals, including horses.

These cases often involve multiple orthopaedic injuries, psychiatric trauma, neurological injuries and industrial diseases such as hand arm vibration syndrome, carpel tunnel syndrome, deafness and emphysema. 

For Tim, the most satisfying part of his job is achieving good results for his clients. Tim enjoys working at Thompsons because his colleagues are knowledgeable and approachable, ensuring the quality of work across the board at the firm is high.

Outside of work, Tim is a dedicated runner and regularly competes in 5km and 10km races, half marathons and marathons.


Tim’s case experience

  • Secured £60,000 for a teacher slipped and fell on a wet floor when assisting children attending an after school club, suffering numerous injuries including an injury to her coccyx, post-concussion syndrome and developed memory loss, loss of appetite, nausea, headaches, dizziness, vertigo, tinnitus, sensitivity to light, panic attacks and depression. 
  • Recovered £40,000 in compensati9ons for a groom who was instructed to keep the horses untethered inside the stable while mucking out, leaving the door of the stable open with a wheelbarrow wedged in the doorway. The horse suddenly became ‘spooked’ and attacked the claimant, striking her and causing injury.