Steve is a dedicated employment rights solicitor in Thompsons' bustling London office. His passion for justice is evident in his unwavering commitment to providing top-tier advice and achieving the best possible results for workers who have experienced unfair treatment in their workplace.

With a background in education as an A-Level history teacher, Steve brings a unique perspective to his work. His previous role as a union representative ignited his interest in trade union law and inspired him to pivot his career towards becoming an employment lawyer. This unique journey has provided him with an invaluable understanding of the myriad of issues many employees face, allowing him to better address and resolve these problems in his current role.

Now, as part of Thompsons' team, Steve channels his teaching skills, union experience, and legal expertise into passionately defending and advancing workers' rights. His approach to legal practice is informed by real-life experiences, lending him both empathy and tenacity when fighting for his clients.