David Mole is a highly experienced industrial disease lawyer based in Thompsons Solicitors’ Newcastle office and is responsible for cases from all over North East England.

David has more than two decades of legal experience, 18 years of which have been at Thompsons. Currently a senior supervisor in the Newcastle office, he previously occupied a similar position at the firm’s South Shields centre.

He supervises claims relating to hand arm vibration syndrome (HAVS), also known as vibration white finger, work-related neck and upper limb disorders (WRULDs) and noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL). David also has significant experience of all personal injury claims, specifically accidents and work-related stress.

David is the case-handler for more than 80 industrial disease claims and supervises five experienced industrial disease lawyers.

David’s skill and expertise ensure that clients suffering from these conditions will be awarded the highest possible compensation in the shortest possible time.

He is immensely proud of Thompsons record of representing injured trade union members and recovering financial recompense for them and their families.

Away from work David enjoys running and football.


David’s case experience

  • Secured a £11,000 settlement in case where a client developed vibration white finger after working for many years as a local authority gardener. The client was never warned of the long-term effects until many years later by his employer, who initially denied culpability. 
  • Secured a £11,000 settlement after the employer admitted they had exposed David’s client to vibrating tools on a daily basis over a decade, but claimed they were not responsible for the vibration white finger he had contracted.
  • Secured a settlement for £25,000 for a client who used an electric engraving pen for more than 20 years developed had arm vibration syndrome. The employer conceded liability and offered £20,000 in compensation. David advised the client to reject the offer and the claim was settled for £25,000 after court proceedings had been initiated.


Professional Membership

David is a member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers.