Sarah is a senior solicitor at Thompsons Solicitors, based in the firm's Nottingham office. She manages asbestos-related disease claims across the East Midlands. 

Sarah has a broad spectrum of expertise, handling all aspects of personal injury, asbestos disease, industrial disease, and civil litigation. She manages cases involving various types of injuries, focusing on severe injuries and asbestos-related conditions. 

Sarah has settled several complex multi-defendant cases. In one recent case involving 11 defendants and another with six, Sarah had to restore several companies to the Company House Register to issue court proceedings against them. This process required high-level legal knowledge and negotiation skills.

In a notable case, Sarah persistently advocated for a post-mortem in a fatal mesothelioma case, despite initial refusal by the chief coroner. Recognising the crucial importance of the post-mortem to secure compensation for the deceased's family, she successfully persuaded the coroner to proceed with the post-mortem. The results fully supported the claim, leading to compensation for the family in accordance with the deceased's wishes.

Her primary role is to run cases efficiently, with a strong emphasis on providing the best client care and ensuring the best outcomes for her clients. She remains dedicated to supporting those negligently exposed to asbestos and their families throughout their cases.

Working at Thompsons, Sarah finds it most rewarding to obtain compensation and support families and victims in asbestos disease cases. 

Outside of her professional life, Sarah enjoys spending time with her family, holidaying, keeping fit, socialising with friends, and being an active member of her local school PTA.