Based at Thompsons Solicitors’ Leeds centre, Sean Conway is a highly experienced solicitor specialising in criminal law and inquest law, representing clients from Lincolnshire, north Derbyshire, the East of England and Yorkshire & Humberside.

As part of Thompsons’ misconduct and criminal law unit, he takes cases involving people who have been accused of committing crimes while undertaking their work. Clients are accused of a range of criminal acts including unlawful killing, assault, theft, fraud and neglect or abuse of vulnerable people.

Sean also advises and represents clients at inquests and pre-inquest reviews and other proceedings where a service user has died.

Sean has 23 years’ legal experience, 19 of those years as a qualified solicitor. He has always concentrated his efforts on winning justice for vulnerable people. Initially he worked in the poorest parts of Leeds. Subsequently he represented members of the travelling community and people living in deprived former coal mining areas, together with people living in Leeds’ inner city.

Now many of his clients are low-paid and often vulnerable NHS and social care workers.

Sean is fully aware that many of his clients have never had any experience of criminal proceedings and are consequently undergoing one of the most traumatic times of their lives. He prides himself on treating clients with the utmost sensitivity and care – and guiding them through each step of the process. Sean always attempts to secure the best possible outcome for his clients in accordance with their instructions.

Thompsons’ commitment to representing working people is important to Sean, given his clients are often facing damaging, life-changing allegations. He values his role at Thompsons helping vulnerable workers deal with allegations which quite often arise from management shortcomings and government budget cuts. He derives great satisfaction in securing the right result for low-paid workers who have been falsely accused.

Away from work, Sean enjoys physical exercise, keeping fit, going to the gym, walking and skiing, together with going to the cinema and reading social and economic history.


Two of Sean’s clients were acquitted of sexual abuse at a crown court hearing after Sean uncovered evidence dating back to the 1970s. Even the police had failed to trace some of the witnesses found by Sean.

Thorough preparation of a case by Sean led to magistrates acquitting a teacher who had been falsely accused of assaulting three pupils in his care.

A computer expert instructed by Sean gave vital evidence which led to the acquittal of a carer who had been accused of stealing from a service user.


Sean is a member of the Criminal Litigation Accreditation Scheme.


A letter from one of Sean’s clients: “At all times I was treated fairly by Mr Conway with the utmost efficiency, understanding, good manners and concern. The hard work and understanding he put into my case was greatly appreciated. He was a major contribution to me getting through the trauma of the past 21 months and to the correct and true outcome of the case”.

Another client said he had been given “outstanding support and advice” by Sean.