Operating from Thompsons Solicitors’ Cardiff and Bristol offices, Lisa Gunner is a highly experienced serious injury lawyer who leads a team dealing with serious injury cases. She is involved in cases involving claimants from across South Wales and the South West who have been involved in a wide range of accidents on the road and at work and where there is either public or occupiers liability.

Lisa has many years' experience assisting claimants who have sustained catastrophic injuries and where compensation can amounts to more than £1 million. In the past 12 months, Lisa has recovered more than £35 million in compensation for her clients, with some of these settlements including periodical payments. Invariably, the injuries are life-changing and have a massive impact on her clients, and often involve amputations, trauma to the brain, spine and affect their mental health.

Lisa has taken cases involving both children and adults and always strives to conclude for the highest feasible settlement as quickly as possible.


As an integral part of her role, Lisa has considerable experience in organising teams of specialists with a wide range of expertise, who draw up detailed plans for the rehabilitation of the client. Importantly, Lisa ensures advance payments of compensation are made as quickly as possible to provide initial funding for the rehabilitation and to cover financial losses already incurred.

Lisa points out that Thompsons only takes cases on behalf of claimants and that all members of the firm aim for the common objective of giving clients the best possible service in pursuing claims against employers or insurers.

Away from work, Lisa likes listening to live music and takes part in pilates and horse-riding.

Lisa was shortlisted for 'Catastrophic Injury Lawyer of the Year' in the 13th Personal Injury Awards by Claims Media.


Lisa's case experience 

  • Represented a worker who lost three of his fingers when they were trapped between rollers in a printing machine. Secured a considerable sum which gave the client long term financial security and enabled him to purchase two state of the art prosthetic fingers from Touch Bionics, which is a leader in the field. 
  • Secured substantial compensation for a man who suffered a wide range of life-threatening injuries when he was struck by a car driven by someone who had exceeded the drink-drive limit. The clients’ long list of serious injuries included a punctured lung, brain injury, a complex open elbow fracture, a broken femur, tibia and pelvis, and radial nerve palsy in the left arm.
  • Secured a significant settlement for a man who suffered life-changing injuries when he was hit by a stolen car. Among the injuries sustained was a catastrophic brain injury which meant the man was unable to live independently and required lifelong support and care. He was also unable to manage his financial affairs and a deputy was appointed.
  • Recovered a substantial settlement for a young man who suffered a spinal cord injury leaving him with tetraplegia, requiring 24/7 care, adapted property and aids and equipment.
  • Ensured a settlement for a man who sustained a severe traumatic brain injury and requires 2:1 care. The settlement included periodical payments to pay for the future care package for life.
  • Secured a settlement for a man who suffered multiple injuries with the most significant being a complete spinal cord injury. This left the client with a need for 2:1 care as result of his paraplegia.


Professional membership

Lisa is a member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) and is accredited by the Law Society for Personal Injury. She is also a member of Headway, the brain injury charity.