Based at Thompsons Solicitor’s' Birmingham office, Tony Mikhael is a senior clinical negligence solicitor covering the Midlands and eastern England.

Tony has specialised in cases involving delay in the treatment of cancer or incorrect treatment. He is one of Thompsons’ lead solicitors assisting clients bringing claims against rogue breast surgeon, Ian Paterson. As a senior member of Thompsons’ medical negligence team he not only runs his own cases but is also responsible for supervising the work of colleagues.

Prior to specialising in medical negligence cases, Tony was a personal injury solicitor representing clients who had been injured in road accidents and assaults or who were the victims of injuries, diseases or stress at work.

Tony prides himself on quickly identifying his clients’ needs and ensuring they are met. He has successfully recovered large amounts of compensation for his clients who regularly praise his tenacity and commitment to their cases.

Tony points to Thompsons’ unique commitment only to represent injured people, refusing to represent those who may be responsible for the injuries or their insurance companies. “With a cause like that, getting the best result for each client is very rewarding,” he says.

Away from work, Tony enjoys exercising, cycling and watching his children perform at sport and in the theatre.



Tony’s recent caseload has been dominated by the Paterson case. Thompsons has fought on behalf of hundreds of women who had needless and horrific mastectomies and double mastectomies at the hands of a consultant breast surgeon. The firm acted initially for 70 women, but another 500 have come forward on the basis of Thompsons’ success in representing them. Ian Paterson was convicted of intentionally wounding patients and sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Paterson worked at a number of NHS hospitals and private clinics throughout the Midlands. He treated thousands of women from 1994 onwards, who had found lumps in their breasts and were concerned about cancer.



From an FBU member who fell, sustaining a serious leg injury, after being supplied with unsafe footwear: “Considering we started out on this case in December 2005 it has been a long and sometimes difficult road to reach the (out-of-court) settlement as we did on Wednesday last. You modestly said after our conference that we had had a bit of luck in this case but I feel that fate favours the prepared and this has been as a result of your preparation and also the invaluable guidance and advice that you have given me.

“Sometimes it has been guidance that was unpalatable because it needed to be framed within realistic aspirations. That said, your objective and analytical approach assisted me in making critically important decisions in my case that resulted in a settlement that has been judged by barristers to have achieved the very best result we could have reasonably hoped for.

“It has been your hard work that has led to a successful outcome and so I would like to express my appreciation for all of your efforts and perseverance over these last five years.”

Paterson case client: "Throughout the whole, lengthy process Tony was totally professional. He always kept me fully informed and explained some very complicated legal matters in layperson terms while answering all of my questions in a patient manner. As the Paterson case progresses I am sure that Tony's other clients can rely on his professional support through the process."

Paterson case client: “My initial call was as a result of the media interest in the case and Thompsons name being mentioned. From the very beginning, during my first telephone conversation, I felt reassured that my interests were being looked after even though there were a lot of question marks about whether or not anyone would be held to account.

“Throughout Spire’s reluctance to engage, Tony Mikhael kept me informed about what was happening. I was invited to meetings and there were regular updates, both verbal and written. While this has been a long and protracted case, at no point did I feel that there was ‘no hope’ and I cannot recommend both him and Thompsons highly enough for their determination to see justice done and the way in which they have managed this case.”