James is an employment rights solicitor and a dedicated Leeds team member at Thompsons, handling cases across Yorkshire and the Humber. With a ten-year association with the trade union movement, James's expertise in employment rights was honed from the outset of his career.

James's scope of work encompasses various employment rights matters, and his practical approach has consistently led to positive and timely outcomes. 

His workplace trade union representative background has given him a nuanced understanding of the requisite skills for delivering practical advice and representation. This experience catalysed his decision to become a solicitor, committed to defending those mistreated in their workplace.

Away from his professional responsibilities, James is a devoted family man and active community member, volunteering at a local homelessness charity in York. He's also a passionate rugby league fan, ardently supporting his favourite teams - York City Knights and the women's team, York Valkyrie. 

His involvement in these community and personal pursuits further enriches his empathetic approach towards his clients.