David Gauler is a highly experienced serious injury solicitor based at Thompsons’ Birmingham office.

As part of the serious injury team, David has long experience representing clients who have been injured in variety of accidents including those injured at work, in road traffic accidents or because of assaults. David deals with claims involving catastrophic injuries, which usually include cases where his clients have suffered brain injury, spinal cord damage or have undergone amputations. He is often called upon to deal with cases involving fatalities.

David prides himself on a client-centered approach. He understands the fears and anxieties of his seriously injured clients and always tries to put their needs at the forefront of any decision-making process. He deals with their claims with compassion and understanding at all times.

Much of David’s working day involves dealing with the needs of his clients that are not always associated with traditional legal work. He spends a lot of time on his clients’ medical problems; liaising with case managers and medical practitioners to arrange treatment and care and attending meetings with multi-disciplinary teams to ensure that his clients’ often complex requirements are met. 

David’s ultimate goal in each of his cases is to ensure that his clients obtain compensation sufficient to meet their financial, housing, care and treatment needs for the rest of their lives. David uses his experience and negotiating skills to ensure his clients get the best possible result.

Over the years David has acquired an encyclopedic knowledge of personal injury law and procedure and is responsible for delivering training on the specialism to colleagues in Birmingham. He applies his knowledge to win even the most difficult cases. His innovative approach to litigation means that he has regularly settled claims involving complex issues, years before those issues have been formally resolved by the highest courts in the land. Recent examples include cases involving provision of winter footwear and vicarious liability for the acts of prison inmates that were settled years prior to Supreme Court decisions in those areas.

David is currently dealing with complex litigation which may define the legal status of the UK’s Motor Insurance Bureau in EU law which if successful would pave the way for thousands of people injured by uninsured motorists to claim compensation in circumstances where they are currently barred from doing so.

David is also a vastly experienced industrial disease lawyer particularly concerning conditions contracted as result of exposure to hazardous substances. David continues to supervise all such cases at the Birmingham office.

David has a particular interest in claims involving defective products and is regularly called upon to provide legal training in the area.

David is proud to work for Thompsons: “I don’t consider Thompsons as just a law firm. It’s also a political organisation that stands toe-to-toe with the trade union movement to champion the rights of the ordinary person over the pure financial interest of the corporate world. I am immensely proud of being part of that.”

In his spare time he enjoys bodyboarding and park runs, but likes nothing more than spending time with his wife and two daughters.

David was shortlisted for 'Outstanding Case of the Year' in the 13th Personal Injury Awards by Claims Media.



David recently secured six figure damages for a teacher who suffered serious physical and psychological injuries when she intervened to break up a fight between two pupils near a balcony at her school.  Legally the claim was of utmost difficulty, but David was able to find a way to secure compensation by taking the exceptionally unusual step of placing full reliance on the defendant’s own defence. This unorthodox but highly innovative legal manoeuvre allowed him to take better advantage of inconsistencies with the defence and the documentary evidence.


David secured compensation for a father whose daughter was tragically killed in a road traffic accident caused by a diabetic motorist losing consciousness at the wheel due to hypoglycemia. David took the case over from another firm of solicitors who had advised that, as the driver had no control of his actions at the point of collision, the case could not succeed. Upon taking over, David took an entirely different approach and focused on the hours before the driver had even stepped foot in the car. Through consideration of painstaking acquired medical evidence and decades old documents from the DVLA, David was able to secure compensation by proving that if the driver and checked his bloods prior to getting into his vehicle, the incident would have been avoided. The motorist had been advised to carry out such checks many years beforehand.



He is a volunteer for the brain injury charity Silverlining and is a member of Headway.



Ms H: “I cannot fault the service I have received. Communication was excellent.  David kept me informed of the progress of my case every step of the way and showed care and compassion. He went out of his way to give me the best possible service. I received honesty throughout”.


Mr B: “David Gauler was exceptional and gave us very good advice. We are eternally grateful and this money, which we would never have got without him, will make such a difference to our lives”.


Mrs S: “I can’t thank you enough David. Your service was the most efficient I have ever come across. I shall be recommending you to all I know”


Mrs A: “Many, many thanks for all your work in securing me such a large settlement. I never expected I would get anywhere near that amount”.


Mr B: “I would like to thank you for an excellent result which you have been able to produce.  It was far in excess of what I expected”.