Peter is a senior personal injury solicitor based in Thompsons’ Nottingham office.

He specialises in very serious injuries with life-changing consequences. Some of the cases he deals with involve brain injuries, spinal injuries, amputations and crush injuries.

Peter has experience of recovering large sums of compensation which take into account not only the pain and suffering of the injured person, but also the cost of any ongoing care and rehabilitation they might need, the cost of adapting or purchasing suitable accommodation, and any predicted future lost earnings.


Peter's case experience

  • Recovered a seven figure sum for a man who had to have his leg amputated following an accident at work. A machine exploded at the man’s workplace due to faulty repair work, an object flew out of it and impacted with the man's leg causing severe damage.
  • Recovered a six figure sum for a man who suffered serious injuries after he was told to move some heavy objects with the use of a remotely operated crane. He accidentally operated the crane before he was in a safe area and was crushed between two of the heavy objects, suffering multiple fractures and serious internal injuries. 
  • Secured a six figure sum for a motorcyclist who suffered serious spinal injuries after a road accident. The man was at a specialist motorcycle circuit and had been following a group of other motorcyclists for some time. As he tried to overtake the group, another rider pulled out into his path and collided with him. 


Professional membership

Peter is a member of The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers and an approved personal injury solicitor with the Spinal Injuries Association.