Lindsey Edwards is a litigation assistant. She is based in our Nottingham office where she works within the industrial disease team, dealing with cases from across the East Midlands.

Lindsey has built up 15 years’ experience handling road traffic accidents, employer’s liability and public liability claims. Increasingly, she is specialising in injuries that lead to repetitive strain injuries, vibration induced injuries and respiratory and skin conditions caused by exposure to chemicals.

Before joining Thompsons, with our focus of acting only for the injured, Lindsey worked for both claimants and defendants in credit hire, motor damage and road traffic accidents.

Lindsey is often the first lawyer that clients will deal with when their case comes into the team, and is responsible for submitting the claim to the Ministry of Justice’s portal.

Lindsey takes particular professional pride in working with private and trade union clients to identify repeat offenders among defendant companies, using evidence of their multiple health and safety failures within the cases themselves to show a pattern that suggests fundamental health and safety failings as an employer.

Outside of work, Lindsey enjoys running, going to the gym, staying active, hiking when she has the opportunity and socialising at home and abroad.

Lindsey's case experience

  • Represented a claimant who was exposed to hazardous chemicals and suffered significant and permanent scarring as a result. Lindsey was forensic in establishing the underlying PPE problem, and in showing that despite a notifiable and recorded initial incident, the company failed to investigate and that led to injuries to other employees.