Suzanne Humphries is a highly experienced chartered legal executive who manages a group of talented lawyers in the medical negligence, serious injuries and cross border claims teams.

Based in Manchester and covering the North West, Suzanne has ultimate responsibility for a team handling the most serious cases where clients have sustained catastrophic injuries through accidents at work, on the road, and involving occupiers’ liability.

Suzanne is responsible for ensuring that the needs of our most severely injured, and sometimes most vulnerable clients are met by specialist lawyers with many years’ experience. The North West serious injury team represent claimants suffering severe multiple injuries, or injuries to the spine, brain and where amputations have occurred. Many of the claims involve multi-million pound compensation awards.

Another of her teams pursues cases where injuries have been sustained abroad while travelling by air or sea, or involving incidents in this country involving foreign nationals, such as road traffic accidents. The law in these cases can be very complex and requires specialist technical knowledge.

The clinical negligence team acts for claimants who have been the victims of delayed diagnosis, misdiagnosis or incompetent care.

Suzanne qualified as a lawyer in 1997 and has previous experience handling complex “multi-track” personal injury cases normally worth in excess of £25,000.

She has also managed and supervised teams conducting most types of personal injury cases and claims involving industrial disease. Suzanne has been a member of the North West management team since 2008.

As a senior manager for Thompsons, Suzanne is responsible for the overall leadership, motivation and management of her colleagues within her teams. Suzanne ensures that clients are given a service of the highest possible standard and takes a lead in recruitment, training and the professional development of her colleagues.

Suzanne has overseen a significant growth in the size of the teams she manages. “The unit has gone from strength to strength,” she says.

Suzanne values Thompsons’ close links with the union and labour movement and the firm’s commitment to protecting and advancing the rights of working people.

Suzanne says she is privileged to work with a team of highly skilled lawyers who are committed to making a difference to the lives of those injured through no fault of their own. Suzanne is proud of Thompsons’ insistence on putting clients, many of whom have suffered life-changing injuries, at the heart of everything it does.

Given the seriousness of many of the injuries Suzanne says her highly trained lawyers are skilled in securing early rehabilitation and interim payments to ensure the client’s immediate needs are met at the start of the litigation process and then actively pursued to achieve the optimum outcome as soon as possible.

Away from work, Suzanne likes to spend time with her family. She also likes reading, walking and occasional Yoga sessions.


Here is a small selection of Suzanne’s cases:

Craig Cording v ThyssenKrupp Partners Ltd

Suzanne represented a 31-year-old senior scaffolder and Unite member Craig who was left with permanent disability after his leg was badly damaged when a pallet of scaffolding tubes collapsed, trapping him and penetrating and crushing his right knee. Thompsons found that the pallet did not meet industry standards and had been over-filled. Surgery failed to repair the damage to Craig’s knee and he spent months undergoing extensive physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Craig lost the feeling of his right foot, part of his lower right leg and continues to suffer constant pain. Doctors say his condition will never improve and he will be on pain-relieving medication for the rest of his life.

Determined to get back to work, he retrained as a welder and found another job with an understanding employer. A six figure settlement was agreed with ThyssenKrupp which also paid for the physiotherapy, rehabilitation and retraining.

Craig said: “It has taken me a long time to come to terms with my injuries and I have worked hard to rebuild my life.” He cannot ride motocross bikes anymore but has discovered a number of other sports he can enjoy with the prescribed support for his foot. “Getting back into work was my priority. I have always had a job and I hated being out of work.” It took him a long time after retraining to find an employer who was willing to hire him with his disabilities. ‘Fortunately I have started work in the perfect position with an understanding boss,” he said. Suzanne said her client had been placed in an extremely dangerous situation and ended up suffering from life-changing injuries. The compensation would provide support for Craig’s future, helping him purchase the necessary orthopaedic equipment.

Suzanne also recovered six-figure compensation for a union member who suffered serious burns and psychological injuries in a chemical explosion at work.

In another case her client sustained a severe crush injury to his pelvis together with urological, psychiatric injuries and mobility problems. The case was medically complex and the six-figure settlement was achieved at a joint meeting.

Suzanne represented several members of staff at a school who suffered respiratory injuries as a result of exposure to bromide during the course of their work.


Suzanne is a member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers   


Unite client: “Suzanne Humphries dealt with my wife, myself and the claim in an excellent manner. She was a joy to deal with and I could not have asked for a better service. She made the whole ordeal a lot easier than it could have been. I cannot thank her enough.”

Unison client: “I would like to thank you for your invaluable support, friendship and patience in preparing and conducting my PI claim. I wish you all the best for the future.”