Martin is a senior solicitor in the medical negligence team and leads the product liability team, based in Thompsons’ Solicitors Birmingham office, covering the whole of the country.                   

With more than 30 years’ legal experience, Martin has always specialised in personal injury and industrial disease cases. For the past five years, Martin has dealt exclusively with the whole range of clinical negligence claims. 

Martin successfully pursues claims against both GPs and health trusts, for clients seriously damaged as a result of birth injuries, with, for example, cerebral palsy, or wrongful birth, orthopaedic injuries, surgical malpractice, failed surgery and uninformed consent.  

A discreet and compassionate solicitor, Martin has succeeded in winning multi-million pound settlements for clients with the most serious, severe and life-changing injuries, caused through clinical negligence.   Recent settlements include a failure to diagnose by failing to offer an amniocentesis test to a pregnant woman at risk, who subsequently gave birth to a child with Downs’ syndrome. 

Leading the product liability team where many people have suffered injury as a result of a medical product that is either defective or has failed, involves Martin in multi-claimant actions. These can range from defective breast implants, to hip replacements, to vaginal mesh surgery.   

Martin is a leading expert in cauda equine injuries, which is a serious spine injury caused by a fall landing on the coccyx.  Red flag symptoms of this injury are often missed by A&E consultants and GPs, and only picked up weeks later when it is too late.  Cases should be treated urgently and surgery within hours or days is vital to avoid lasting damage.

Martin derives huge satisfaction out of his work at Thompsons through helping people who have suffered a devastating long-term injury, through no fault of their own. Winning financial recompense that helps them try to rebuild their lives, to make life manageable is worthwhile. Martin says he can’t turn the clock back, but can help to resurrect people’s lives and improve their quality with financial security to provide 24-hour care packages, proper accommodation and therapy.

Working at Thompsons enables Martin to concentrate on these higher value cases to get the best deal possible.  Martin says that Thompsons provides the best resources, support and facilities, surrounded by solicitors with long expertise, access to the best medical advice barristers and the best team to do the very best for his clients.   

Outside work, Martin enjoys sailing, shooting, cycling, modern fiction and walking his dog.


Sylvia West, a Thompsons’ Solicitors product liability client, said:

“I would like to thank you, most sincerely, for all your work and endeavours on my behalf, in securing a settlement payment for my claim. This is the first time I have ever had to go through a claims procedure, and did not realises the time involved or indeed, the amount of legalities involved. I am delighted to know that the prosthetic responsible for my misfortune, can no longer be used”.   

Trish and Mike Millman, a Thompsons’ Solicitors clinical negligence client, said:

“What a surprise in the post this morning. I want to thank you for all the hard work you have put into my case and the great outcome. I only hope that the incident won’t happen o anyone else”