Laura is a medical negligence solicitor based in Thompsons’ Newcastle office.

She specialises in claims arising from cases of pressure sores, dental cases, surgical errors, prescription error cases, delay in diagnosis of cancer, birthing injuries, delay in diagnosis of fracture cases and ophthalmological cases.

Laura prides herself on giving the very best client care and as a result, receives excellent feedback from them. Her natural empathy means that she is able to reassure clients and sympathise with them.

She is also committed to recovering the highest amount of compensation she can for her clients within the shortest possible time.

Successful Medical Negligence Claims

Below you will find a small selection of the successful medical negligence claims Laura has dealt with from Thompsons Solicitors' Newcastle office.

Pressure sores during birth of baby

A mother-to-be developed two grade three pressure sores while she was giving birth to her baby, as she was left lying in her bed for the duration of her labour for around 13 hours. She had been given an epidural and had therefore been unable to move by herself.

Following the birth of her son, she was left lying for a further six hours before being helped out of bed. It was at this time that the pressure sores were identified.

The hospital admitted liability so Laura did not have to issue court proceedings. She was ultimately able to settle the claim.

Delay in diagnosis of broken heel bone

A woman suffered a fracture of her heel bone but due to a delay in the diagnosis, she required surgery to fuse the bone. As her job required her to stand all day, she was not able to continue in the role and had to retire early.

The medical expert instructed by Laura was of the view that the client would have problems with the injury as she got older. Laura therefore made a claim to reflect the need for future care and assistance and ultimately settled the case successfully on behalf of her client.

Legal 500

The clinical negligence team in Newcastle was singled out in the Legal 500 (a directory of leading law firms) for providing ‘a splendid service’, adding that client care is ‘second to none’.