Sarah Hartley is a key member of Thompsons Solicitors’ medical negligence team based in the firm’s Manchester office and representing clients from north western England.

Since 2017 Sarah has specialised in representing clients bringing negligence claims against clinical staff and medical institutions.

An experienced legal executive, she spent 13 years taking personal injury cases, mainly claims involving employers’ liability, on behalf of the Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union and worth between £10,000 and £25,000 (“fast track” claims).

She took a wide range of fast track level injuries including slips, trips and accidents at work generally.

Sarah’s main aim has always been to achieve the best possible result for the client, while ensuring cases are fully explained in plain English rather than legal jargon.

Away from work Sarah enjoys running, walking and keeping fit.


The claimant attended hospital for the removal of a retained root - part of a tooth left in the gum after extraction. 

But instead of removing the root, the hospital removed the sole remaining tooth in that part of the mouth. 

Unfortunately the tooth supported a denture and Sarah proved that the claim was worth more than suggested by the usual legal guidelines for the loss of one tooth.  Sarah was also able to secure the cost of future dental treatment and an award of £7500 was agreed.

Another claimant was left vomiting two or three times a day after a three-month delay in treating a severe form acid reflux. Sarah’s client was self-employed and was unable to complete a contract he was working on.

Sarah claimed loss of profit on his behalf as well his salary because he was a sole director of a limited company. An award of £14,000 was agreed.

During an attempt to remove a molar in a claimant’s lower jaw, the tooth fractured leaving a small stump behind.  

In trying to remove this piece of tooth, the dentist caught the client’s tongue with a drill. Three stitches were applied to the tongue and the claimant was referred to hospital.

At another appointment the defendant made a further attempt to remove the tooth, but was unsuccessful.

The claimant was referred to hospital where eventually the stump of tooth was removed under general anaesthetic.

Sarah’s client suffered pain in his tongue as a result of the laceration and also discomfort as he was left with a sharp stub of a tooth for many months until it was removed. An award of £3500 was agreed.


I just wanted to say thank you for all your help and assistance throughout and trying to get me the best possible settlement. I know it wasn’t one of the biggest of cases but I felt you treated it as if it was.”