Wendy is a valued member of the Thompsons’ Solicitors personal injury team working for trade union clients, based in the firm’s Manchester office, covering the North West. 

Wendy has six years’ experience of litigation, initially handling industrial disease claims, then moving on to specialising in animal attack claims. Most of the claims involve attacks by dogs or accidents when horse-riding. Wendy has progressed many claims of postal workers bitten when delivering letters, or nurses, midwives, social workers or police officers who are attacked or bitten when visiting people in their homes. Horse accidents typically involve people being thrown or kicked when riding horses at riding schools. 

Wendy also handles personal injury claims for her trade union clients who have been injured in road traffic accidents where they have broken bones, scarring, soft tissue injuries. She handles claims for clients injured at work through slipping, tripping or lifting accidents or though faulty equipment. Wendy also provides assistance with high value (over £25,000) multi-track accident claims for her clients.

Whatever the injury, Wendy works to help get the maximum compensation possible for her trade union clients .

Wendy values the fact that Thompsons genuinely puts the client first in claims and is dedicated to letting clients know early of their prospects of succeeding.