Stephen is an employment law specialist working at Thompsons Solicitors’ national Settlement Agreement Unit (SAU) in Plymouth.

Having gained experience conveyancing, negotiating insurance law disputes and working in the Crown Prosecution Service, Stephen offers invaluable legal knowledge and skills to his SAU clients.

Competent and approachable, Stephen’s expertise and client-focused manner ensures Thompsons' customers needing settlement agreements for employment disputes, employer-owner transfers, breakdowns in workplace relations or redundancies, receive first-class representation.

Prior to finishing his solicitor’s training two years ago, Stephen taught employment law at Plymouth University and helped to establish the South West Employment Rights Centre, which provides free employment advice and tribunal representation for those who cannot afford legal services.  

Stephen is proud to work for Thompsons Solicitors because the company only represents workers, never bosses or insurers.  

Outside of work, Stephen flies aeroplanes and restores pre-war classic cars to display at rallies and museums.  



Stephen has provided numerous workers, from a variety of occupations, with expert advice on the meaning of the contents of their settlement agreements and the implications of signing them.



A former Thompsons settlement agreement client, said: “Stephen calmed me down and helped me to see things clearly.”

A Thompsons settlement agreement client represented by Stephen, said: “Thank you Stephen for your advice and guidance.”