Kate is Thompson Solicitors’ Midlands employment rights team unit manager and works between the firm’s Nottingham and Birmingham offices.

Having covered a wide remit of employment law during her 16 year career and garnered a reputation as an extremely capable solicitor, leading to a profile in the Times newspaper, Kate supervises and oversees all work by executives in the region.

With an extensive knowledge base – covering disciplinary and grievances, TUPE, information and consultation, discrimination, contractual disputes, general employment policy and procedure and settlement agreements – Kate is able to advise and guide her team towards the best possible outcomes for Thompsons’ trade union clients.

Methodical, analytical and organised, Kate is the main point of contact for the firm’s trade union clients, has led strategic work on behalf of the PCS trade union and worked on legally complex multi-claimant cases. As a member of the Employment Rights Training Group, Kate has conducted training for trade union representatives and members on a wide range of topics.     

Since taking a leadership position, Kate still takes a hands on role in strategic cases. Discrimination cases, especially those involving a disability, are of particular interest to Kate, who says they often make a real difference to people’s lives.

As a champion of the underdog, Kate is enthusiastic about Thompsons’ unique working relationship with trade unions on legal cases, many of which she says have led to lasting and substantive victories against injustices in the workplace.

In her spare time, Kate enjoys running, cycling, competing in amateur sporting events and cooking and eating good food.        



Discrimination claim: Kate advised the PCS Union in a landmark case against the Home Office, in which five Supreme Court judges unanimously agreed a group of civil servants did not have to demonstrate why they were disadvantaged when progressing an indirect discrimination grievance.



Kevin Hepworth, Unite regional legal officer for the East Midlands, said: “Kate is one of those solicitors union officers like to deal with. She will tell you all the legal reasons why a case will or will not run, but also explains it in lay person’s terms, which makes it so much easier to explain to our members.

“The advice she gives is pragmatic and forthright and she is well respected for her mix of professional and friendly approach.”

Matthew Lippiatt, Unite member, said: “May I take this opportunity to thank you for the hard work yourself and your company have done in bringing this matter to a satisfactory resolution.”