Gemma is a member of the professional misconduct and criminal law team, based in Thompsons’ Manchester office which covers North West England.

Having qualified as a solicitor in 2011, Gemma specialises in criminal law work mainly relating to allegations arising out of employment such as assaults (from low level to very serious), sexual offences and driving offences.

Gemma’s main responsibility is to attend clients in the police station when they are first arrested and then, if they are charged, represent them at the Magistrates’ Court. She also prepares cases and provides representation for her clients in the Crown Court. Gemma emphasises the importance of detailed case preparation - without it, she would not be able to effectively challenge the allegation made against her client.

She finds working at Thompsons extremely rewarding as she often represents people who have never experienced the criminal justice system before, but for whom there is a lot at stake. Gemma takes pride in her responsibility to ensure that her clients receive the best representation possible. That, she says, is what sets Thompsons apart from other criminal law firms.

When not working, Gemma is a keen photographer.

Gemma’s Case Experience

Accusation of Assaulting a Patient

Gemma recently represented a health care worker who was accused of assaulting a patient. Although there were a number of witnesses, they were reluctant to appear on behalf of Gemma’s client. However, she managed to locate them and successfully applied for witness summonses for them to appear to give evidence at trial. That evidence proved crucial to her client’s subsequent acquittal.