Andrea is a member of the professional misconduct and criminal law team, based in Thompsons’ Cardiff office, which covers Wales and South West England.

Having qualified as a solicitor in 2005 Andrea specialises in two legal areas - criminal law work relating to allegations arising out of employment such as driving offences or teachers accused of assault, and professional misconduct, mainly in the health sector, defending nurses, midwives, paramedics and social workers.

Andrea’s main responsibility is to find evidence that backs up her client’s version of events in relation to the allegation facing them. Case preparation is therefore crucial so that she can effectively challenge the allegation being made against her client.

As an experienced solicitor, Andrea’s main goal is to ensure she achieves the best results for her clients, who are often professionals with many years’ experience and unblemished records, but who find themselves potentially facing catastrophic consequences if found guilty of a criminal conviction and loss of their employment.

Andrea enjoys working for Thompsons because the work is so specific and because the clients are trade union members who find themselves in very vulnerable situations.

When not at work, she enjoys swimming, socialising and going to the theatre.

Andrea’s Case Experience

Assault Allegation

A teacher who was facing an allegation of assault on a special needs pupil was referred to Andrea by her union. Andrea challenged the evidence of the accuser by relying on a school policy which set out what physical contact teachers can and cannot use.

As the accuser’s evidence contradicted the policy in relation to intervention, Andrea was able to persuade the court that it should find her client not guilty.