Lorna is a specialist asbestos solicitor based in Thompsons' London office

The Head of Thompsons' South East Region Asbestos Team, Lorna deals exclusively with compensation claims related to asbestos-related diseases such as pleural thickening, asbestosis and mesothelioma

Typically people diagnosed with mesothelioma have a limited time to live so Lorna always tries to obtain the compensation within the person's lifetime in these cases. 

Successful Asbestos Compensation Claims

Below you will find a selection of some successful asbestos claims which Lorna has dealt with from Thompsons Solicitors' London office.

Mesothelioma after short term exposure to asbestos

Lorna's client was the widow of a man who died of mesothelioma.  He was only in his 60s when he was diagnosed with the terminal condition and died shortly afterwards.

He had been negligently exposed to asbestos decades earlier as a a trainee coppersmith by a former employer.  Although he only did the job for a couple of years that was enough to cause the fatal illness.

Lorna secured almost a quarter of a million pounds compensation for the man's widow. Part of the compensation was for the hospice which helped her husband towards the end of his life.

British Rail worker developed asbestosis

A British Rail worker was exposed to asbestos (although he never worked directly with it) because he worked in the same vicinity as laggers.  There were also pipes covered with damaged asbestos and open sacks filled with the material which was blown about in the wind.

Decades later he developed shortness of breath and breathing problems.  Tests were carried out and he was diagnosed with asbestosis.

Lorna made a claim for asbestosis compensation against the insurers of British Rail and recovered £80,000 compensation for the injured man.

Professional Membership

Lorna is a member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers at Senior Litigation level. Passionate about helping innocent victims of asbestos exposure, she is involved with various asbestos support groups throughout the South East of England.