John Gray is a highly respected senior member of the personal injury and accidents at work teams based in Thompsons Solicitors’ Newcastle upon Tyne offices and takes cases from all over the North East.

John has more than 20 years’ experience of a wide range of personal injury cases: work and non-work accidents – including those on the road - industrial disease cases and high value complex claims. His caseload involves all kinds of serious injuries and sometimes fatalities.

John’s aim is to win the best possible result for his clients in the shortest possible time. He is proud of Thompsons’ strong links with the labour movement and its record of only representing injured people to ensure they receive justice.

John’s time away from work is taken up with his family, although in his younger days he played American football.


John represented a widow claiming compensation for the death of her husband in an accident at work. Initially liability was denied, but subsequently some blame was accepted. The defendants argued however that the deceased was partly to blame for the accident. Court proceedings were issued and John was able to negotiate a £470,000 settlement.

John acted for a client who suffered an accident at work in which both feet were crushed and one foot had to be amputated. The defendants argued that the accident was at least partly the client’s fault. Court proceedings were issued and after arguments advanced by John the defendant accepted full responsibility. John negotiated a settlement of £734,343 shortly before trial.

Thompsons acted for a fire fighter who was injured attending the scene of a road traffic accident. The client injured his back but not to the extent that it prevented him working. Court proceedings were issued and John was able to negotiate a settlement of £42,000.

Thompsons secured compensation of £397,500 for a trainee doctor who slipped on a wet floor. Liability was admitted but the extent of the injuries and the effect they had upon the client was disputed. Court proceedings were issued and extensive medical evidence was obtained in numerous areas of expertise. John negotiated the settlement shortly before the case was due to go to trial.

John acted for a maintenance engineer who was injured when replacing electrical cables on machinery in a factory. The defendants denied liability claiming that no accident report had been completed and also that there was no evidence that the floor was wet or that management was aware of it. Following further investigations John was able to obtain witness evidence that confirmed that the floor had been wet and that management had been informed of the fact. The case was settled for £17,500 shortly after disclosure of the additional evidence.

Thompsons acted for a client who tripped and fell over in a paved area of a pub car park at night suffering an injury. John argued that lighting in the car park was not working and that the client could not have seen the paved area. Liability was denied and the defendants argued that there was a defect with the lighting and no repairs had been carried out to it. Court proceedings were issued. The defendants were asked to produce documents to show that there was a system of inspection of the lights and were unable to do so. Photographs were obtained and disclosed to the defendant showing times when some of the lights were working and not others and also when all of the lights were working to show the difference. The defendants accepted responsibility. The case was settled for £8,000 two days before trial.


Occupational stress case: “John Gray has been extremely helpful with my personal injury case, always quick to respond to queries and provide me with advice. I am very grateful for his support during what has been a very stressful time.”

Accident at work case: “I am very appreciative of the work you, your colleagues and Thompsons Solicitors as a whole have put into helping me. It has been an uphill battle for me over the last four to five years and I’m sure I would have struggled without you fighting my corner.”

Accident at work case: “I found my experience with Thompsons Solicitors very assuring, the communication between myself and the solicitor was second to none. They were very helpful in discussing my case, ensuring that I had full understanding of the outcome. I would like to personally thank the staff for being supportive throughout the case.”