A bakery worker who suffered a serious accident at work, which has left him disabled, has received £211,000 in compensation – more than three times the amount he was offered by insurers.

The 53-year-old, from Birmingham, was initially offered just £69,000 for his injuries by his employer’s insurer after he attempted to handle the claim on his own.

The Royal and Sun Alliance contacted him with the offer and also made him a number of payments to cover his lost wages and expenses. This made him feel that they were looking after him.

Workplace injury experts Thompsons Solicitors

But when his trade union, the BFAWU, put him in touch with workplace injury experts Thompsons Solicitors, he found out this wasn’t the case.

The member was reversing a roller truck on the flat bed of an articulated lorry moving baskets of bread as part of his job for Premier Foods when the lorry driver suddenly drove off. His truck fell five foot to the floor causing his hip bone to be forced up into his pelvis, shattering both.

He has been left with a limp, cannot stand for long periods of time and is unable to undertake heavy manual work

He was in traction for seven of eight weeks in hospital. When he was finally discharged he needed a zimmer frame and crutches. He later needed surgery to insert a metal plate into his hip.

Two years after the accident the bakery worker returned to his job but soon found he was physically unable to cope. He now works as a security guard.

He said: “Initially I didn’t realise how complicated the claims procedure could be. When my employer’s insurers offered me £69,000 I had no idea if that was a fair amount for my injuries and sought advice from my trade union.

“I’m so glad that they told me to instruct Thompsons Solicitors because they managed to secure me more than three times the original offer.”

He added: “This accident has left me unable to do many of the things I took for granted before the accident. It has taken me a long time to come to terms with my injuries and to build my strength up to be able to return to work.

“Unfortunately I’ve had to take a job which pays less but I’m grateful that I’m finally able to earn a living again.”

Important to receive independent advice from legal experts

Haroon Rashid from the BFAWU said: “This case proves how important it is for members to receive independent advice from legal experts when claiming compensation. Premier Foods
was willing to settle this case for a third of its value which, considering the financial and physical impact of the injuries caused at work to an employee, is almost unbelievable.”

Warinder Juss from Thompsons Solicitors said: “This was a tricky case particularly medically but its what we do and what we are experts in. Thompsons only act for claimants never for insurers and we know how to get the maximum amount of compensation quickly. BFAWU union members get this service for free.

“Sadly for all their cuddly TV adverts this case shows insurers will try and take advantage of those who are acting on their own. For our client this would have meant losing out on more than £140,000 in damages.”