Thompsons Solicitors is appealing for anyone who may have fallen in to the Wharf Basin Canal in Walsall, or witnessed people fall in, to get in touch.

The firm is seeking compensation for the widow of Hansen Draper, who drowned in the town’s canal in December last year.

He fell in to the freezing water near the New Art Gallery, off Wolverhampton Street. The bus driver was unable to swim.

Barriers should be erected to prevent further accidents

Richard Cartwright of Thompsons in Stoke said: “There have been other incidents where pedestrians have fallen in to the canal at or near where Hansen went in. Others have accidentally driven vehicles in. They were lucky to survive. For Hansen’s family it has been a tragedy. It is a dangerous spot and safety measures such as barriers need to be put in place before someone else loses their life.

“I hope that if people who have fallen in, or know of people who have, come forward they will not only help us in the campaign for Walsall Council to take action, but may also be valuable witnesses in the claim for compensation for Hansen’s widow Frances.”

The claim against the council and British Waterways is backed by Mr Draper’s trade union Unite.

Anyone with any information should contact Richard Cartwright on 08000 224 224.