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Labour and European Law Review

Thompsons’ Labour and European Law Review (LELR) is recognised as an authoritative source of comment and discussion of rulings which fall under both UK and European law. Available to read here, and also via a weekly email bulletin, LELR offers considerable insight into the latest issues affecting trade unions and their members.


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Latest Issues

Weekly Issue 754

  • Temporary extension to sick pay period
  • In person evidence
  • Critical evaluation

Weekly Issue 753

  • Disability consultation
  • Two minute stand-by
  • Expenses and deductions

Weekly Issue 752

  • Hybrid working
  • Automatic dismissal
  • Industrial action protection

Health and Safety

Weekly Issue 754

Temporary extension to sick pay period

The government has extended the limit from one week to a month, after which workers have to see their doctor to certify that they are unable to attend work.

UK Law

Weekly Issue 754

In person evidence

As there are no particular rules to which tribunals must adhere when considering any relevant testimony, it follows that they must allow all types to be heard.

Equality, discrimination and harassment

Weekly Issue 754

Critical evaluation

When considering an employer’s defence in an indirect discrimination claim, tribunals must ensure that they scrutinise every aspect of their justification.

Equality, discrimination and harassment

Weekly Issue 753

Disability consultation

The government has initiated a dialogue with a range of bodies asking them what pros and cons might be involved if employers were required to count incapacity.

Working time and holiday pay

Weekly Issue 753

Two minute stand-by

If there is a possibility that an employee might have to work during a time when they are supposed to be resting, then they should be paid for the whole break.

National minimum wage and National living wage

Weekly Issue 753

Expenses and deductions

When calculating the minimum that someone should be paid under the law, a number of subtractions can be made as long as they are connected to the person’s work.

Fixed-term, flexible and part-time workers

Weekly Issue 752

Hybrid working

A group of employers and employees have published advice for organisations setting out how they should go about implementing alternative working practices.

Unfair dismissal

Weekly Issue 752

Automatic dismissal

When deciding if there is a connection between someone being dismissed and exposing wrongdoing, tribunals must look at the main reason given by the employer.

Industrial Action

Weekly Issue 752

Industrial action protection

The appeal tribunal confirmed that workers who go on strike are entitled to protection under the law on the basis that it constitutes a labour force activity.

Vulnerable and migrant workers

Weekly Issue 751

Sick pay scandal

A union body has highlighted the plight of vulnerable workers who don’t get paid when they’re ill and may therefore end up with no work over the festive season.

Unfair dismissal

Weekly Issue 751

Specific allegation

When alleging that an employee has been guilty of misconduct, employers must specify what they are supposed to have done to avoid a finding of unfair dismissal.

Equality, discrimination and harassment

Weekly Issue 751

Discrimination by association

When considering a claim of discrimination linked to someone else’s disability, tribunals must be careful not to make assumptions that might pigeonhole people.