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Employment Law Review

Thompsons’ Employment Law Review is recognised as an authoritative source of comment and discussion from our trade union law specialists. Available to read here, and also via a weekly email bulletin, the Employment Law Review offers considerable insight into the latest issues affecting trade unions and their members.

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Employment rights

Employment rights

Weekly Issue 859

Contradictory dates

Although tribunals have to explain how they came to a decision, that does not mean they have to explain why they did not come to an alternative conclusion.

Employment rights

Weekly Issue 858

Particular complaint

Once someone has agreed the terms on which their employment is terminated should be aware that they may be restricted from bringing future tribunal claims.

Employment rights

Weekly Issue 857

Reasonable time limit

Although claimants have to abide by a fixed time limit for lodging a complaint, tribunals can give more time if they really believed it had been lodged in time.

Employment rights

Weekly Issue 856

Return of tribunal fees

The government has published proposals for introducing payments for claimants who want to lodge a tribunal complaint on the basis that they are affordable.

Employment rights

Weekly Issue 851

New workers' rights in 2024

The conciliation service has found that most employees do not know they will be entitled, from next April, to ask to work flexibly immediately on starting work.

Employment rights

Weekly Issue 849

Claim form as a whole

When assessing whether each section of a claim form has been completed, the appeal tribunal has said that courts should not be too mechanical in their approach.

Employment rights

Weekly Issue 848

Unconditional Authority

The appeal court has held that when deciding on whether an individual has the right to represent their client, tribunals must actively investigate their status.

Employment rights

Weekly Issue 847

Clarity in complaints

Although tribunals have the power to prohibit a claim outright, the appeal tribunal has made clear they must follow certain rules when considering that option.

Employment rights

Weekly Issue 846

ILO calls for improved worker protection

This issue looks at a critique of UK employment rights, when employers can sack inflexible workers and the nexus between detriment and bonus in discrimination.

Employment rights

Weekly Issue 845

Failure to comply

Tribunals have extensive powers that they can use to end a complaint, for instance where the claimant did not abide by an order to provide certain information.

Employment rights

Weekly Issue 841

Statutory waymarks

The appeal tribunal has said that, when determining whistleblowing cases, tribunals must follow the legal signposting as set out in the relevant legislation.

Employment rights

Weekly Issue 839

Rectifying a mistake

Although there are strict deadlines for lodging claims, tribunals can exercise a limited discretion depending on the circumstances that resulted in missing it.