A man who sustained prolonged shoulder, leg and whiplash injuries following a road traffic accident has secured compensation with the help of Unite Legal Services and Thompsons Solicitors.

Christopher Dring, a Unite the Union member from Nottingham, was driving his car, with his caravan in tow, on the outside lane of the A46 dual carriageway north of Leicester when a vehicle on the inside lane drove straight into the front left-hand side of his car.

As a result of the collision Mr Dring’s car was thrown towards the hard shoulder, and the force of the collision caused the caravan to jack-knife.

Mr Dring, an HGV driver, and his wife who was travelling with him though conscious after the collision required speedy medical attention. He suffered an exacerbation of pre-existing problems in his neck and lower back, post-traumatic stiffness in his shoulder and inflammation in his left knee.

Mr Dring contacted Unite Legal Services, who instructed Thompsons Solicitors to pursue a claim on their member’s behalf.

Christopher Dring said: “To say the accident was a shock is an understatement. I am a full time HGV driver so I spend a significant amount of time on the roads. However, nothing prepares you for the shock of a collision.

“My wife and I spent our three week holiday recovering from injuries and both the car and caravan were damaged beyond repair.

“I had ongoing shoulder pain for a number of months following my accident, which severely restricted what I could do.”

The other driver denied they were to blame and a lack of independent witness evidence meant that there was a real possibility that Mr Dring could have been found partly to blame. However, Thompsons’ expertise meant that the Unite member was awarded his compensation in full.

Annmarie Kilcline, East Midlands Regional Secretary of Unite the Union, said: “This case proves the importance of union membership and the access it gives to specialist lawyers. Unite’s panel solicitors are experts and when they throw the full weight of their legal expertise behind a case it works. Here it meant they were able to secure full compensation for the injuries and for the additional expenses incurred for Mr Dring having to delay and change his holiday plans.

“High street lawyers and claims companies would probably have settled early or accepted a deal that meant Mr Dring was held partly to blame but Thompsons, who only act for injured people never for insurers, fought hard to get the best outcome for our member.

“Mr Dring’s experience underlines how even experienced drivers are vulnerable to accidents caused by other road users.”