A Unite the union member who had to have his leg amputated after he was hit by a car while cycling has received £750,000 in compensation.

The auditor for an insurance company had just started a personal challenge to cycle the length of Britain off road when the accident happened. Having cycled 20 miles off road he was returning to his car to drive home when the accident happened on the A7 near Longtown in Cumbria. His bike was hit from behind by a car catapulting him onto the car’s windscreen.

The 62-year-old from the North East suffered head injuries and his leg was broken in five places needing five operations straight after the accident and a further nine in the eighteen months afterwards. Eventually, surgeons conceded defeat in saving his right leg and decided to amputate the right leg below his knee.

He now needs a prosthetic limb which has been specially manufactured for his use using interim payments of compensation obtained from the other driver’s insurance company during the course of the case. He needs to change the prosthesis regularly and therefore 3 limbs were purchased including a sports limb and aqua limb for use in and around water.

Thompsons Solicitors made claim for compensation

Following the accident, he contacted his trade union, Unite, which instructed its lawyers Thompsons Solicitors to pursue a claim for compensation.

Thompsons was successful in securing an admission of liability from the driver and then getting interim payments totalling £123,000 during the course of the case before settling the case for a total amount of £750,000.

The member said: “It was a clear day and the road wasn’t busy. I was suddenly hit by the car and the next thing I knew I woke up in hospital. I’ve found it difficult to come to terms with my injury and I have been told that it could cost me £250,000 for prosthetic limbs in the future. This compensation will help me to get those without worrying about the financial cost.

“I am now able to cycle again but I am sticking to off-road. I will never cycle on a road again.

Davey Hall of Unite said: “It is difficult to comprehend the pain and emotional anguish our member has had to cope with as a result of pursuing a hobby. Unions are there for their members day in and day out and also at times of crisis like this.”

A specialist from Thompsons Solicitors in Newcastle added: “The consequences of this accident for our client, who had been so active before this accident, have been immense and life-changing. Our specialism in dealing with road traffic collision cases, including claims for cyclists, meant that we were able to get interim payments to help with his ongoing rehabilitation and obtain private therapies, private prosthetic limbs, and aids and equipment. The final payment leaves him able to face the financial long-term consequences with confidence and able to purchase specially adapted bungalow to assist with his future independence”.