A woman who was injured when a careless driver smashed into her car has received a settlement worth £6,353 thanks to her husband’s membership of the Fire Brigades Union.

Mrs J of Middlesbrough was driving on a dual carriageway on the A66 in rush hour traffic on her way to work. As the traffic in front of her slowed down, she braked, and the person driving behind her crashed into the rear of her car.

Mrs J suffered a whiplash injury to her neck, an injury that significantly affected the quality of her life. After the accident the pins and needles down her arm gradually worsened to the point that she required physiotherapy and time off work.

She continues to suffer with intermittent neck pain and is unable to do heavy jobs around the house such as changing beds or ironing for long periods.

Instructed personal injury specialists to pursue a claim

Because her husband is a member of the Fire Brigades Union, Mrs J was eligible for the union’s free legal assistance. The FBU instructed personal injury specialists Thompsons Solicitors to pursue a claim, which resulted in a successful £6,353 settlement after the defendant's insurers admitted liability.

Diane Davison from Thompsons Solicitors says: “From a legal perspective this was a very straightforward case. The defendant was not paying attention while driving and as a result caused Mrs J real and ongoing harm. We’re glad to have been able to assist with her claim.”

Mrs J says: “Everything was handled very efficiently and very well. The treatment I received from Thompsons was great and I’d encourage other union members and their families to make use of the FBU union’s free legal services.”

Fire Brigades Union general secretary Matt Wrack says: “Every year the FBU wins hundreds of personal injury claims for our members and their families through our free legal services. It’s not cheap to fund a legal claim and it’s at times like this that union membership really helps.”

“I’m delighted that Mrs J has benefited from her husband’s FBU membership and got the compensation she deserves.”